10 July, 2006

Yati's Influence

Being off work is boring and there is only so much housework one can do.

So today I thought of something to do.. My friend yati likes flowers and buys them on regular occassions so it gave me an idea.... and here it is :

A Special Flower i did just for yati.... Its not painted ( im not that talented haha ) it was something i put together using photoshop.
Any way im going to go back to playing around and Yati i hope you like it.

Also if anyone has any ideas or inspiration just leave me a mesg and it will give me something to do


yati said...

aaaaaaaawwwwwwww... thank you! *grin* You should write that YATI IS A GOOD INFLUENCE TO ME! THE BESTEST ROLE MODEL EVER! *bigger grin*

JulesD said...

Woot woo...

well done girl on getting the blog up and running. Like the flower as well! How you do that? And when we gonna see more eye-candy? I'm also putting up my pictures on a blog. Check it out on http://blog.global6.net/julesd/ and tell me what you think?


Cheeky said...

Ah ha! but i already know jules has i have your g6 pic as my desktop pic :D wicked stuff !! The flower was done in photoshop and not telling how :P. i will get on the blender eventually too.